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Which is more advanced, Beat Vibe or Beat Vibe for iPad?

 Both Beat Vibe and Beat Vibe for iPad use the same sound engine and so are equally advanced. Due to the more sophisticated interface possible on the iPad, Beat Vibe for iPad uses some features of the sound engine that were not enabled on the iPhone version, like export to audio file or edit while play.

The reason Beat Vibe is labeled as a later version than Beat Vibe for iPad is that it came out two years before the first iPad version, as back in 2008 we didn't have any iPads yet (didn't know what we were missing...)

Which to buy Beat Vibe for iPad or Beat Vibe?

  Depends on which device you have.

Beat Vibe is designed for iPhone/iPod touch. While it runs on iPad, it runs in the iphone compatibility mode (small window or double pixel one) which leaves a lot to be desired.

Beat Vibe for iPad has a UI that was specifically designed for the iPad which makes it a lot more usable on this device. However it will not run on the iphone/ipod. 

Beat Vibe for iPad

Create and play percussion rhythms. Produce complete songs with sequences of rhythms with changing tempo, patterns and dynamics. Visualize rhythms using a flamenco clock, know where you are within the rhythm at all tines. Beat Vibe can be used both as an accurate metronome for practice, with elaborate rhythms and great visualization, or as a beat sequencer/drum machine create backup percussion loops.


Create multi-track rhythms by placing percussion instrument beats on a timeline using a touch interface specifically designed for the ipad. Setup complete songs by placing rhythm patterns on a timeline. Beat Vibe comes with over 50 percussion instrument samples, and with over 50 pre-programmed rhythms ranging in style from Rock, Jazz, Latin, Flamenco and more. Play your rhythms inside Beat Vibe where you can also visualize the rhythm, or export your rhythms to audio files that can be played with any audio software.


Download additional rhythms from an online, user-generated, rhythm data base containing hundreds of rhythms. Upload your rhythms to the online database to share with other app users.


Main features:

 - Over 50 percussion instrument samples: toms, snares, cymbals, bass, cajon, palmas, conga, darbuka, shaker and more.

 - Over 50 built-in rhythm patterns: Jazz, Bossa Nova, Reggae, Waltz, Cha Cha, Mambo, Samba, various rock beats.

 - Special features for flamenco affectionados:  flamenco palos - Alegrias, Solea, Buleria, Tangos, Seguiriyas, Sevillianas and more. flamenco percussion instruments - Various Cajon sounds, Palmas, Castanets. Flamenco clock to visualize and practice.

 - Create complete songs by setting up sequences of rhythms.

 - Export to audio files: wav, caf or aifc.

 - Built in equalizer with various presets.

 - Download additional rhythms from an ever growing online user-generated database.

 - Share your rhythms with other app users.


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The following demo songs were created entirely on the iPad using Beat Vibe. Beat Vibe for iPad lets you export your rhythms to audio files that can be played on any audio software, you don't need to play them only in Beat Vibe. Create rich backup loops for your playing!


For a video demo of the app by TheSoundTestRoom, visit here.


Demo 1: Various styles combined
Demo 2: A buleria rhythm created by the user at_leo_87



Screen Shots:


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