Beat Time!


Beat Time Pro plays audio & video and can change the tempo (time stretch) and/or pitch and does note & chord detection. It is aimed as a practice / study tool for musicians and as a helper tool for transcribing audio & video.

Main app features:

  • Time stretch video and audio from 1/4x to 2x without affecting pitch. 
  • Pitch shift audio and video up to an octave up or down. 
  • High quality, state of the art, time stretching / pitch shifting using DIRAC technology. 
  • Pitch analysis for note & chord detection. 
  • Annotate the track with multiple markers. 
  • Seamless looping of segments in the track. 
  • Optionally pause between loops. 
  • Easy file transfer: Open audio/video files from any app that supports iOS "Open In..." menu or using iTunes file sharing. 
  • Built in dropbox integration. 
  • Open tracks from your iPod audio or video library. 
  • Export time stretched / pitch shifted audio or movies. 
  • Universal application (iPhone/iPod/iPad). 
  • Supports video and audio formats that are playable using iOS music/video player, including: mp4, m4v, m4a, mp3, WAV, mov, (AVI provided it's mpeg 4 encoded)

See Jordan Rudess / Dream Theater playing with Beat Time! on YouTube.