Land Line Dialer

Have you ever wanted to dial a number on a land line of a contact you have in your iPhone?

There is always a reason to use a land line:

  • The sound quality is better.
  • You are out of reception in your mobile.
  • You are low on battery.
  • It may be cheaper.
  • You prefer not to cook your ear with radio waves.

The problem is your address book is in your iPhone so you have to look up the contact and start dialing manually.

No longer!

With Land Line Dialer you look up your contact, then place the iPhone next to the land line phone's mouth piece and have the number dialed for you. Land Line Dialer uses the same tone system regular phones use when connecting to switchboards. Land Line Dialer knows how to correctly dial numbers in your address book on a land line.

Note: May not work with all land phones. While Land Line Dialer works with most phones, some may not respond to the tone system, in particular IP phones.

Also works on 2nd generation iPod touch.