Applications for the iPhone and iPad


Create and play percussion rhythms. Produce complete songs with sequences of rhythms with changing tempo, patterns and dynamics. Visualize rhythms using a flamenco clock, know where you are within the rhythm at all tines. Beat Vibe can be used both as an accurate metronome for practice, with elaborate rhythms and great visualization, or as a beat sequencer/drum machine create backup percussion loops. Read more...

Beat Twirl

Turn your iPad, iPod or iPhone into a sophisticated sound rhythm analysis tool and create audio loops from existing audio tracks or record your own audio and add from the rich built in library of percussion samples to create new and exciting audio loops.Read more...

Beat Time Pro

Time stretching, pitch shifting, note detection for audio & video done right!

Beat Time Pro is designed as a practice / study tool for musicians and as a tool to aid in transcribing audio & vido. More...

 Beat Vibe

Hear the rhythm, 
see the rhythm,
feel the rhythm,
share the rhythm!


A unique vibrating programmable flamenco metronome for the iphone. More...

Land Line Dialer

Dial from a land line using the contacts in your iphone. No more lookup and manual dial. Just place the iphone on the land line and let it dial for you.

Field Agent Fingerprint App

Are your fingerprints in the FBI database?



Pull a fast one on your friends! (more...)