Beat Vibe


Hear the rhythm, see the rhythm, feel the rhythm...

Beat vibe is both a metronome and a programable beat machine aimed at both the flamenco player and non flamenco musician. For the flamenco player, Beat Vibe is a flamenco metronome offering the familiar flamenco clock and comes pre-programmed with flamenco palos such as Solea, Alegrias, Bulerias, Tangos and more. Program your own palmas loops.

For the non-flamenco player, Beat Vibe is a general purpose drum machine and metronome. Learn complex rhythm by visualizing in a clock metaphor which is long known to flamenco players and used by flamencos as a tool to master complex rhythms. Program your own rhythm loops using a full drum kit generator. You can set Mobile Compas to vibrate on major accents, minor accents or on any beat, letting you not only see and hear the rhythm but also feel it. Put the phone in your pocket and feel the rhythm as you play.

Beat Vibe is a great practice tool, learning tool and play along track generator. 


  1. Fully programmable metronome and drum machine, lets you program rhythms of up to 16 beats, with off beats, triplets and quarter beats.
  2. Assign multiple sounds to each beat.
  3. Pre programed with over 30 rhythms including: Solea, Alegrias (several), Bulerias (several), Seguiriyas, Tangos, Fandangos, Bossa Nova, Rock, Blues, Mambo, Samba, Cha Cha, Country, Swing, Lambada, Raggae and more.
  4. Over 25 drum kit and flamenco percussion sounds, sample in stereo, including: Palmas sordas, Palmas Fuerte, Cajon, Step, Snare, Snare rim, Bass, Tom (lo/med/hi), Cymbal, Kick, Timbales, Cowbell.
  5. Set up to 3 beat volumes, regular, minor accent and major accent. Set each beat accent vibration.