Frequently Asked Questions

  The App by default protects you against editing any of the built-in patterns or any rhythm that was downloaded from the online database. Instead of editing it directly, tap the + button to add a new pattern, you can than make the new pattern a copy of an existing one (or blank) and edit that.

 This was a problem with Beat Vibe in versions prior to 2.0. The built-in slider of the iPhone OS is has a very small sensitive area and the touch screen is sometimes not accurate enough. The result was that catching the knob of the slider was very difficult, this happens with other application that use the slider control, even Apple's own.
As of version 2.0 the slider code was re-written to override the default behavior and is now easy to select. if You are using a prior version, please update to the latest version.

 Both Beat Vibe and Beat Vibe for iPad use the same sound engine and so are equally advanced. Due to the more sophisticated interface possible on the iPad, Beat Vibe for iPad uses some features of the sound engine that were not enabled on the iPhone version, like export to audio file or edit while play.

The reason Beat Vibe is labeled as a later version than Beat Vibe for iPad is that it came out two years before the first iPad version, as back in 2008 we didn't have any iPads yet (didn't know what we were missing...)

  Depends on which device you have.

Beat Vibe is designed for iPhone/iPod touch. While it runs on iPad, it runs in the iphone compatibility mode (small window or double pixel one) which leaves a lot to be desired.

Beat Vibe for iPad has a UI that was specifically designed for the iPad which makes it a lot more usable on this device. However it will not run on the iphone/ipod. 

 Our Apps are available in the Apple AppStore. You can find our apps in the AppStore on iTunes on your desktop or in the AppStore icon on the iphone.

 Triple tap on the white space below the scan square. The settings screen access was made this obscure on purpose, so you won't reach it by accident when showing the app to friends.

No it doesn't. FAFA is a pure "for fun" application. When you "scan" your finger, a random image is produced. The iPhone's touch screen is incapable of really scanning a fingerprint.